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The design of your garden is something very personal to you, and I invite you to explore the features, colors and plants that will make your outdoor experience something special.

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With an initial consultation, we’ll look at the kinds of things you’ve seen, perhaps in other gardens, and we’ll look through books and photographs I’ll bring along as well as talk to you about ideas you may have, too. At the same time I’ll take into account the existing landscape features, and we’ll make decisions on whether to change or integrate what’s already there.

For some people, this means a simple change, or very few changes at all. Looking at original features, and bringing back to life earlier concepts may be all that’s necessary; adding some of your own flair to the project.

Some clients may want a more radical change, and crave something more stylized or unusual. Some clients like simplicity; others seek complexity or fullness. These are the kinds of things we explore during the very important initial consultation.

Then I’ll spend some time exploring options based on the information gleaned during the interview, and then offer varying estimates based on work to be done. Very often I like to work in phases, so that we get an idea of how things are developing as the project progresses.

On the practical side, the initial consultation also enables me to see just what can be done and what can’t without, for example, a complete overhaul of the hardscape. It’s unfortunate that some gardens, particularly in the desert, lose a great deal of nutrients which have to be returned to the soil. The water catchment and run off has to be assessed, and the condition of existing irrigation systems have to be checked for issues. It’s essential, after all, to make sure that your wonderful new garden is created on a healthy foundation!

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