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Landscape Irrigation Santa Fe NM

We live in the High Desert of New Mexico, where water is scarce. It doesn’t take long living here in Santa Fe to understand just how precious a resource water is, and how expensive it can be to keep a garden effectively watered! Having a good irrigation scheme is therefore a necessity.


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Santa Fe irrigation installation for landscaping and gardens is extremely important because a well designed system will save water and it will ensure that each plant gets its right amount of water during the growing season. Plants will do much better and the entire ecosystem of an owners garden or landscape will be healthier if it is set up with a very tight, very well thought out water irrigation system.

Our team of irrigation experts will instal and service your irrigation so that all your plants are kept in tip top shape throughout the year, taking into account the changing of the seasons and annual rainfall.

Have you ever considered water conservation? We can advise you on ways to store water on your land and utilize the most modern and effective measures to keep that precious water available all year round with minimal expense.