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I grew up on a farm and have loved gardening for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a professional gardener since 1978, after being placed 3rd in the State of New Mexico’s landscape design contest. I’ve never questioned my career choice since then.

My own garden today is a constant experiment station of ornamental plants and ornamental food plants, whilst I still wildscape with our own, wonderful natives.

I love designing all kinds of gardens, and find myself incorporating what I learn all the time.

Of course, gardening in the high desert area of Santa Fe presents unique challenges, which I’m always keen to embrace. I thoroughly enjoy incorporating all of a site’s features and elements into a design, whether it’s an existing landscape or one ready to be refreshed.

Combining historic elements with the lay of the land, how the home or business is situated on the site, what the passive water flow is, the intended functionality and focal points – as well as the client’s favorite plants and wishes – are what make the creative challenge so exciting for me.

To be the translator between the client and the site is and will always remain my heart’s desire.

Kele Saunders, June 2012

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