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Committed to excellence

We at Four Season Garden Design are committed to making sure the experience of your garden is exceptional, and we work that extra mile to make that happen.

Our goals

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Color is the key. We like to make sure that as wide a variety of color fills the palette that is your ever changing garden. You have a favorite color? Tell us what it is, and we'll make sure it's there.

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Work ethic

Our crews care about you. Each of us knows how important your garden is to you. It's deeply personal to you, and your thorough enjoyment of your garden is what we strive for.

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We know that we're selling feelings. And the feeling you have of enjoying your garden is, we hope, worth it to you. So we're constantly aware of our need to give you value for the money you spend on our services.

Latest Post


  • Kele has a knack for assessing the lay of the land and your personal tastes to come up with a broad colorful spectrum of gorgeous, harmonious garden love. All of her employees are well talented with plants, none are regular laborers. Special care and attention is placed within every inch of growth in the garden, and you will see your plants beam with happiness under her care. Jason M

  • I have only the best things to say about Kele and Four Season Garden Design. My garden always looks fabulous, and they are all very attentive.

  • Great work and a lovely garden! BK